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That's it that is all that is checked to see that your not a machine sending Spam. once registered within the Admin Panel that's the check been done

As long is there is nothing illegal done on this site then you are free to use it.


1/ You must own all rights to any product you offer to sell ( we have a marketplace where you can offer to sell services such as bet trading software or books or CD-DVDs etc or advertise traqding classes which you can host on here if you wish by creating a Room such as First trading Class, I set the video at 200 so you can screen to as many as you wish by video link ( but no tipster ads in the market place as anyone can stick a pin in a paper and also anyone claiming to have knowledge of fixed games etc' none of that nonsense either please as this is a site for real knowledge not rubbish or illegal practices.

2/ Use the site for what it was intended a Social Media site for Traders and Bettors' share your knowledge' create your own page or pages, each page has a shoutbox on it so people can contact you instantly.