About Us

We are a Social Media Site that was created to enhance Bet Trading knowledge. This is a Social Media site for everything to do with Trading and betting only. (NO ADVERT AT ALL) no goodgle adsense or anything to interfere with your concentration

The site has Cometchat Platinum installed which has a host of features and one that I like is the shoutbox where a message posted is seen by anyone instantly who is logged in the site, if you find yourself stuck then this is handy for quick help

Traders trading on a certain race or game can open a chatroom and can talk video or have audio connection with the click of a button or jusyt use the handy IM, no software needs downloading as its all contained on site


Instant messenger
public rooms
private rooms

Music section:An open section where you can upload music for yourself

Video Section: This is a kind of Youtube section where you can upload and share videos of your trading advice etc. Page has been viewed 752 times..